Kelly Harvey
Homeroom Teacher, Toddler Class (1.5 - 2 Years)

South Africa-born, Ms. Kelly is an energetic and caring individual who is passionate about early childhood development. 


While in South Africa, Ms.Kelly worked as an Au Pair for a family of two young girls for three years and in her spare time she taught aerobics to groups of kindergarten students. In 2013 she moved to China to follow her dreams of being a full-time teacher. After visiting Bangkok on holiday in early 2014, Ms. Kelly fell in love with the spirit and vibrancy of Thailand. Later that year she moved to Thailand and has since been living and working in Bangkok. Ms. Kelly’s specialisation is in pre-nursery, and in her previous teaching position, she was also head of Pre-kindergarten.


Besides early childhood development, Ms. Kelly loves to travel and is an avid writer and photographer who aspires to one day write a children’s book.