10 Reasons to Choose Little Explorers

Individualised Programme: Children are unique. They learn, develop, and grow in their own unique ways. Learning situations that take this uniqueness into consideration will best foster children’s growth. Our teachers and developmental specialists spend time to get to know each child and adapt their approach to meet each child’s unique learning pace and style. Our small programme makes this possible.

Play and Exploration-Based Learning: Our learning spaces are designed to create a sense of safety and predictability yet bedazzle the senses and promote investigation. Our teaching team strives to follow children’s lead and make play interactive, challenging yet fun and meaningful. Exploration and systematic trial and error through play are highly encouraged. Mistakes are an important part of our everyday learning. It is one of the key ingredients to true understanding and knowledge.


Positive Behaviour Management: Children feel safest when they know adults can take care of them and keep them safe. Balancing flexibility and freedom to explore with structure and clear boundaries, our teachers spend time to clarify expectations with children early on. Doing so creates predictability and makes it much easier for children to reach goals set forth. On the occasions that children test limits, as it is only natural for them to do so, we focus on modelling appropriate behaviours, giving second chances, and recognising and praising positive behaviours.












Small Class Size: Little Explorers is committed to maintaining the adult to children ratio at 1:4 or more. We also have a current limit of 8 children per classroom which allows us to get to know each student, recognising their strengths, and respond to  their individual needs and help us commit to children’s individualised programmes. The small group size also contributes to the sense of safety, intimacy and belonging and increases interaction and exchanges between children in our programme.


Diverse and Inclusive Learning Community: Being in a diverse and inclusive learning community creates multiple opportunities for children to learn about empathy, compassion, kindness, diversity and individual differences first hand. Our children will come to understand that understanding others’ perspectives that are different from their own contribute to their own growth and learning. In turn, this understanding also promotes self-awareness, self management, and appreciation for their own uniqueness.

Safe, Supportive, Home-Like, and Children-Centred Learning Environment: Environment can deeply impact learning. For this reason, we put effort into designing our learning spaces to feel safe and soft, with ample sunlight and neutral tones. Natural and open-ended materials are set up to promote creativity and exploration. There are areas where children can explore and investigate and areas where children can take a break when they feel overwhelmed. We believe when children feel safe and important, they also feel more confident to challenge themselves to their full potential.











Less Electronics, More Human Interaction and Hands-On Activities: You will find that in our learning spaces, there is rarely any battery-operated toys. We also choose to avoid using tablets and computers with our children. Little Explorers strongly believes that in this day and age, young children are exposed to too much screen time and electronic toys often are close-ended in their purpose. For this reason, we want to create a learning sanctuary where playing involves others and exploration means hands-on experimentations. Unless children require assistive technology for learning, mobility, or communication, electronic devices will only be brought out for specific activities and put away once the activity is finished. With an exception to cameras which will be used by our teaching personnel throughout the programme to document children’s learning, teachers are asked to not use their mobile phones and other devices during programme hours.

Highly Qualified Teaching Staff with Ongoing Training: All our teachers have a background in early childhood education and/or child development. They have been carefully selected and have undergone extensive training. Our staff professional development does not end here. We continue to provide training for our teaching personnel through weekly “grand rounds”, group supervision, and termly in-service workshops.

Multidisciplinary Team with Developmental Specialists On Site: In addition to our teachers, Little Explorers has a multidisciplinary team of developmental specialists who work with us, including psychologist, speech therapist, art therapist, music therapist, and occupational therapist. These specialists not only work closely with children in their learning spaces and create opportunities to stimulate learning, but they also work together as a team in a supportive atmosphere to provide consultation and feedback to one another.

Parent Workshops: Parents are children’s crucial partner in this exciting journey. At the same time, we understand that approaches like joining children’s play, guided exploration, inquiry based scaffolding, or asking the right questions to help children think critically, might not be familiar concepts for many parents. Our bimonthly workshops equip you with understanding and skills to foster your child’s growth at home. Our team of experts are also here to help you get through any parenting struggles with your sanity intact. This also provides a platform for parents to give feedback to our programme so that we can continue to improve and meet the needs of our learning community.